BEEP discografie entry for Another Another Green World
Another Another Green World
Retro Retry 2

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Year: 2009
Categorie: Tribute Album
Cover Art Credits:
Willehad Eilers
Producer info:
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
 1.- fff                           - sky saw              <--  FROM 
 2.- polycorn                      - over fire island     <--  FROM 
 3.- rude 66                       - st. elmo's fire      <--  FROM 
 4.- legowelt                      - in dark trees        <--  FROM 
 5.- coen oscar polack             - the big ship         <--  FROM 
 6.- spoelstra                     - I'll come running    <--  FROM 
 7.- this is total war             - another green world  <--  FROM 
 8.- garcon taupe                  - sombre reptiles      <--  FROM 
 9.- nanko                         - little fishes        <--  FROM 
10.- baba electronica & dj lonely  - golden hours         <--  FROM 
11.- hakki takki                   - becalmed             <--  FROM 
12.- puin + hoop                   - zawinul/lava         <--  FROM 
13.- hunter complex                - everything merges with the night <--  FROM 
14.- hydrus                        - spirits drifting     <--  FROM 

Additional information:
14 Dutch electronica artists cover Brian Eno classic on  Retro Retry 2 
Release parties with a.o. Legowelt, Rude 66, FFF, Hydrus, Puin + Hoop
Retro Retry 2: Another Another Green World Release: October 7 2009
On October 7 the record label Narrominded will release Retro Retry 2: Another Another 
Green World. On this cd fourteen Dutch electronic artists cover Brian Eno s album 
Another Green World (1975), which is considered a timeless masterpiece, in its entirety.

The revolutionary work of Brian Eno is of big influence on the development of electronic
pop music and ambient. 'Another Green World is an album that ties together various 
styles and musical ideas in a brilliant way. Our record label has the same eclectic 
approach. That made this album a perfect choice for this project', says Coen Polack 
of Narrominded.

Participants Another Another Green World: FFF, Polycorn, Legowelt, Rude 66, Spoelstra,
Coen Oscar Polack, This Is Total War, Garc'on Taupe, Nanko, 
Baba Electronica & DJ Lonely, Puin + Hoop, Hakki Takki, Hunter Complex, Hydrus. The 
artwork for the digipack sleeve was designed by Willehad Eilers. The cd was mastered by
Alden Tyrell.
Release parties
The cd will be presented with two release parties. On October 3 there is room for the 
ambient and electro-acoustic acts in Delicatessen, a new shop/gallery that was recently 
opened in the east of Amsterdam by Bas Jacobs (Pfaff). On November 7 the dance acts p
resent the cd in the small hall of Het Patronaat in Haarlem.

October 3, Delicatessen, Amsterdam. Live: Hakki Takki, Hydrus, Puin + Hoop, Spoelstra. 
November 7, Patronaat, Haarlem. Live: FFF, Legowelt, Rude 66, Garc'on Taupe, 
Hakki Takki, Spoelstra.

The Retro Retry cd s follow a unique concept with multiple acts cover a record in its 
entirety. The listener hears an interpretation of a complete record, instead of a 
random collection of covered tracks. In 2005 the first edition of Retro Retry was 
released. On this release ten Dutch bands covered the Sonic Youth record EVOL (1986). 
Among the bands were zZz, Gone Bald, Pfaff, Blues Brother Castro and Fine China 
The artwork for this release is available in high resolution on
Narrominded is a Dutch music label that releases records and mp3's through shops, 
mail orders and internet. In 2000, we started out with cd-r's but since then we have 
released vinyl, cd's, free mp3's and more by rock bands such as Boutros Bubba, 
Katadreuffe, Makazoruki and Gone Bald, and electronic and electro acoustic music by 
artists such as Hydrus, Psychon, Coen Oscar Polack and Living Ornaments. In 2003 we 
released the first installment of our Split LP Series. Contributors until now are Living 
Ornaments, Accelera Deck, Kettel, Hydrus, Cor Fuhler and Mats Gustafsson. 
In October 2009 we will release the fourth installment with Garc'on Taupe and Legowelt.

Also to be released: new albums by Hunter Complex, Fine China Superbone, Puin + Hoop 
and Poor White.