BEEP discografie entry for Frantic
Bryan Ferry

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Year: 2002
Categorie: Collaboration/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Producer info:
Rhett Davies
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
Virgin Records
ASIN: B000060OX8
 1.- It's All Over Now, Baby Blue       
 2.- Cruel                              
 3.- Goin' Down                         
 4.- Goddess of Love                    
 5.- Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  
 6.- Nobody Loves Me                    
 7.- Ja Nun Hons Pris                   
 8.- Fool for Love                      
 9.- Goodnight Irene                    
10.- Hiroshima...                       
11.- San Simeon                         
12.- One Way Love                       
13.- I thought                          

Additional information:
Notes: Includes the song "I Thought", written by 
Brian and performed by Bryan and Brian.

Editorial Reviews
Frantic is hardly an appropriate title choice for Bryan
Ferry, who is the epitome of unflustered, cucumber-cool
decorum. Frantic, his first album to feature original 
material since Mamouna, has been simmering away on the 
back burner for all of eight years. And it's all the 
tastier for it. The ingredients are just right: another
song cowritten with former Roxy Music partner Brian 
Eno; tunes about models, movies, amour, and large 
houses; a guest appearance from Radiohead's Jonny 
Greenwood on "Hiroshima" (this is Ferry reclaiming 
his stolen clothes from the New Romantics' wardrobe); 
four fine new numbers co-penned in the 1990s with the 
Eurythmics' Dave Stewart; contributions from guitarists
of the caliber of Chris Spedding and Mick Green; 
backing vocalists of the caliber of Lucy Laplansky and 
Alison Goldfrapp; a little bit of medieval; a little 
bit ofLeadbelly; and a little bit of Dylan. Often the 
involvement of so many contributors results in too many
cooks spoiling the broth, but not here. Compliments to 
the chef. This being a Bryan Ferry album, you can still
play it at dinner parties, but the sensual ardor put 
into Frantic suggests Ferry had blood, sweat, and tears
trickling down his tuxedo. This is a fantastic album.
 --Kevin Maidment 

 Album Details
Ferry Returns with a Renewed Vigor Following his Near 
Brush with Death and a Renewed Friendship with Old 
Bandmate Brian Eno who Co-wrote and Guests on 'i Thought'.
Other Tracks Includes Four Collaborations with Eurythmic
Dave Stewart and Radiohead Guitarist Jonny Greenwood 
Plays on 'hiroshima'. Also on Board Are Roxy Drummer 
Paul Thompson and Guitar Legend Chris Spedding. Once 
Again, all Are 
Produced by Longtime Production Partner Rhett Davies. 
A Masterful, Timeless Piece of Art!