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Nile / An Egyptian Quest
Brian Eno

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Year: 1996
Categorie: CD-ROM (Music Score)
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Stone House Productions / Zap Media Inc.
Nile: An Ancient Egyptian Quest 
Simon & Schuster Interactive

Notes: Nile is a computer game for Windows; Brian 
composed the music for it in 1996. It's a mixture 
of unreleased tracks plus music which previously 
appeared on the soundtrack of Neverwhereand music 
from Generative Music 1. Much of the music accompanies
re-tellings of Egyptian myths and stories narrated by
Kelly McGillis. This is an enjoyable edutainment disc,
but I did wonder at Brian's involvement given his 
public statements about how useless CD-ROM games are. 

Simon & Schuster Interactive used to have a page on it here 
with a link to a sample. In the UK the game is distributed by Z
ablac Entertainment.