BEEP discografie entry for Rare Tracks I (Priv)
Rare Tracks I (Priv)
Various (private Pressing Cdr)
Year: 2003
Categorie: Compilation (private CDR)
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Private pressing CDR
 1.- Miscellanea Epitome                                       <--  FROM 
 2.- Corrosive Beat Treatment (from Acceleration soundtrack)  
 3.- Homocidal Schizophrenic (w/EBN)                           <--  FROM 
 4.- Fake the Aroma (w/Massive Attack)                         <--  FROM 
 5.- All Saints (w/Bowie)                                      <--  FROM 
 6.- Get Real (Bowie & Eno)                                    <--  FROM 
 7.- Red Scatter                                               <--  FROM 
 8.- 801- Golden Hours                                         <--  FROM 
 9.- 801- Fat Lady of Limbourg                                 <--  FROM 
10.- Roy Orbison- You may feel me crying                       <--  FROM 
11.- Bottom Liner                                              <--  ALSO 
12.- Ring of Fire                                              <--  FROM 
13.- Shuffle down to Woodbridge                                <--  FROM 
14.- Veneno E Vanno                                             <--  FROM 
15.- Sensual Zero Gravity                                      <--  FROM 
16.- Bottoms                                                   <--  FROM 
17.- Force Marker                                              <--  FROM 

Additional information:
Thanks for the people who helped in compiling
some unconfirmed notes about the tracks:
 1. Miscellanea Epitome
This is Peter Schwalm's Slop Shop. A track from 
their first album. It incorporates sounds from the 
Slop Shop & Eno Sushi Roti Reibukuchen live show in 
Bonn in '98. Surprisingly, Peter didn't include the 
Holgar Czukay sounds (from that concert) so I 
guess Peter didn't like Holgar's sounds.
 2. Corrosive Beat Treatment (from Acceleration 
As far as i know, this is just Brian. Enoweb: " 
One track by Brian: "Corrosive Beat Treatment", a 
rhythm track along the lines of Heat's "Force Marker".
 Tracks 3 & 4 are remixes by Brian
 Tracks 5 & 6 are tracks of Eno with Bowie 
(taken from the David Bowie: All Saints release 
of unreleased intrumental tracks).
 Track 7 is a Russell Mills track with Eno 
contributing. From Russell Mills first cd release.
 Track 8 & 9 are the new "extra" songs included on
 the re-release of 801

 live and are from same concert.
 Track 10 is a Roy Orbison song taken from The End Of 
Violence soundtrack.
Enoweb: "Brian's contribution is a production of 
the (previously unfinished) Roy Orbison song 
"You May Feel Me Crying". As with much of Brian's 
production work at this time, the track includes 
him singing along."
Track 12 & 13
from a single 45 EP by cale on one side and eno 
on the other side

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