BEEP discografie entry for Curiosities vol 1
Curiosities vol 1
Brian Eno

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Year: 2003
Categorie: Compilation (Solo)
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Catalog info:
 1.- Select a Bonk              5:23
 2.- Draw One Animal            3:09
 3.- Ambient Savage             3:53
 4.- Circus Mathematics         1:38
 5.- Castro Haze                4:48
 6.- Groan Wash                 3:56
 7.- Cheeky Hop                 3:29
 8.- Work/Wank                  2:02
 9.- Late Evening in Jersey     4:37
10.- Slow Lump With Strings     4:55
11.- Never Tunnelling           3:36
12.- My Lonely Organ            3:58
13.- Weird Bird Call Carnival   1:13
14.- War Fetish                 2:00
15.- Manila Envelope            5:27

Additional information:
Unreleased, unfinished and unrealistic tracks from the 
Eno lab.


The pieces on this record are singularities, things 
that didn't fit together with enough other things to 
ever make a whole album.

Thus 'Circus Mathematics' was imagined as part of a 
group of pieces called 'Mathematical Piano Music', but
only three others ever materialized, and 'Ambient 
Savage' is the only surviving example of the 
little-known but much-mourned 'Afro-Ambient' genre.

'Castro Haze' was the first, and, as it transpired, 
the last representative of the cycle which was to have 
been known as 'Unsuccessful Boxers' - the Castro in 
question was a welterweight who ultimately failed in 
his bid to seize fame.

The 'Thrash Funk' category of which 'War Fetish' is a 
proud member, has been more prolific but still not 
quite abundant enough to justify a whole CD. 
'Work/Wank' belongs to a long tradition of songs with 
very few lyrics ('Hot Pastrami', 'Mashed Potatoes' and
'Wipeout' come to mind), and, together with 'Draw One
Animal' formed the beginning of my projected CD 
'11 things to do on a dull afternoon'. Unfortunately 
this project failed because I could only think of