BEEP discografie entry for Oblique Tracks V (priv)
Oblique Tracks V (priv)
Various (private Pressing Cdr)
Year: 2003
Categorie: Compilation (private CDR)
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Private pressing CDR
 1.- Simian                                            La breeze <--  FROM 
 2.- Aphex Twin                  remix of Glass/eno/bowie Heroes <--  FROM 
 3.- Aphex Twin              remix of The sinking of the titanic <--  FROM 
 4.- Accelerator                    OST Corrosive beat Treatment
 5.- A small Plot of Land               Basquiat OST (Bowie Eno) <--  FROM 
 6.- Emergency Broadcast network                  3-7-9- eno Rmx
 7.- David Bowie            The Hearts Filthy Lesson (eno remix) <--  FROM 
 8.- Bryan Ferry                          The 39 Steps Eno Remix <--  FROM 
 9.- U2 Elevation                                Tomb raider Mix <--  FROM 
10.- Slowdive                                               Sing <--  FROM 
11.- Slowdive                                     Here she comes <--  FROM 
12.- Sinead O'Connor                                 Emma's Song <--  FROM 
13.- Robbie Williams  There are bad times just around the corner

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Thanks for the people who helped in compiling
track 1 ": Eno Produces
track 13 : Eno plays the Harmonium